GemCare Nutrition Packages

When we partnered with GemCare Wellness for our clubwide fitness challenge, we expected dietary counseling from a third-party organization. But what we got was so much more!

GemCare was with us every step of the way during our 7-week challenge, going above and beyond to deliver our members with professionally-backed clinical insight, including

  • meal plan guidance
  • grocery planning
  • nutrition related injury prevention
  • tips on healthy eating and lifestyle choices
  • 2 public seminars
  • and email/text correspondence with their personal dieticians

Best of all, our members expressed their gratitude for GemCare allowing them to guide the discussion to fit their unique, personal health needs.

GemCare Wellness was credible, helpful, and most importantly, enthusiastic. For this reason, we have decided offer dietary counseling packages to our members, reinforcing the work that our Personal Trainers & Fitness staff does.

We now offer 3 GemCare Packages that can be applied directly to your membership!

For more information, contact us or GemCare today!