Group Fitness Schedule

WRRFC Group Fitness Class, Power Pump with Nikki

Group Fitness Class, Power Pump with Nikki

Group fitness classes are offered for all fitness levels and abilities.  

Each fitness class is led by a certified instructor who also has CPR training. This is a safe, motivating environment in any class you attend. Please inform your instructor of any health conditions or concerns before class starts. Our objective is to help you meet your personal fitness goals with enthusiasm, integrity and respect.

Please stop by the front desk or the 2nd floor desk for a printed group schedule by class or by days. 

Below is a listing of all our classes and their descriptions in alpha order on the left and the day, time and instructor on the right. 

Click the button on the right if you would like to view the schedule by day. 

Group Fitness Intensity Levels:

Low Low Intensity Symbol | Medium WRRFC Medium Intensity | High WRRFC High Intensity


WRRFC Medium Intensity WRRFC High Intensity Cardio & Conditioning Intervals
Cross training combining cardio, weights, bands, tubing with active recovery groups

Tues  |  6:00-7:00 am  |  Anne
Wed  |  9:15-10:15 am  |  Jan
Fri     |  6:00-7:00 am  |  Anne
Fri     |  9:15-10:15 am  |  Jan

WRRFC Medium Intensity Fit Barre
Isometric strength training targeting all muscle groups

Wednesday  |  12:15-1:00 pm  |  Alison
Saturday  |  11:11-12:00 pm  |  Alison

WRRFC High Intensity H.I.I.T.
High Intensity Interval Training - intense bursts of cardio and muscular endurance followed by short recovery periods

Thursday  |  5:30-6:30 pm  |  Beth
Saturday  |  9:00-10:00 am  |  Nikki

WRRFC High Intensity Insanity!
A cardio-based total body conditioning program that is INSANE

Monday  |  6:00 - 7:00 am  |  Anne
Wednesday  |  6:00 - 7:00 am  |  Anne

WRRFC Medium Intensity Just Weights
All strength, No cardio

Monday  |  4:45-5:45 pm  |  Merideth
Wed  |  5:30-6:30 pm  |  Merideth
Sunday  |  9:05-10:00 am  |  Merideth

WRRFC Medium Intensity Kick Boxing
Improve your core strength with jabs, punches and kicks in this high energy workout

No classes at this time

WRRFC Medium Intensity Pilates
Pilates is a system of controlled exercises that increase core strength and flexibility

Monday  |  12:15-1:00 pm  |  Merideth
Monday  |  5:45-6:30 pm  |  Merideth
Wednesday  |  4:45-5:30 pm  |  Merideth

WRRFC High Intensity Power Pump
A challenging class that incorporates conditioning and resistance training

Tuesday  |  8:00-9:00 am  |  Nikki
Tuesday  |  5:30-6:30 pm  |  Jan
Thursday  |  8:00-9:00 am  |  Nikki

Low Intensity Symbol Power Punch
A non-contact boxing class, focusing on balance, strength and endurance. Suitable for all levels.

Wednesday  |  11:30-12:00 pm  |  Mujah

Low Intensity Symbol Senior Fit
A class to benefit the older population with balance, strength, posture, and core training

Monday  |  10:30-11:30 am  |  Jan
Wednesday  |  10:30-11:30 am  |  Jan

Low Intensity Symbol Senior Zumba
A senior-oriented Zumba class inspired by Latin Dance

Tuesday  |  11:15 am-12:00 pm  |  Amy
Friday  |  11:15 am-12:00 pm  |  Amy

Low Intensity Symbol Silver Sneakers
A class designed to improve agility, balance, coordination and activities for daily living skills

Thursday  |  11:15 am-12:00 pm  |  Jan

WRRFC Medium Intensity Spinning
A stationary cycling class adaptable to all fitness levels

Monday  |  6:40-7:40 pm  |  Rotating
Tuesday  |  9:15-10:00 am  |  Alison
Thursday  |  6:00-7:00 am  | Rotating
Thursday  |  9:15-10:00 am  |  Alison
Thursday  |  12:15-1:00 pm  |  Jan
Saturday  |  7:30-8:30 am  |  Ann

WRRFC Medium Intensity Step
A class which involves stepping onto an adjustable step. Work out at your own level of intensity

Monday  |  9:15-10:15 am  |  Jan
Saturday  |  10:00-11:00 am  |  Jan

Low Intensity Symbol TaiChi/QiGong
TaiChi is a low-impact and relaxing class. TaiChi is often called moving meditation

No classes at this time

WRRFC Medium Intensity Yoga
Unite mind and body with this class which focuses on improving body alignment, flexibility, and strength

Tuesday  |  12:15-1:00 pm  |  Jenni
Tuesday  |  6:40-7:40 pm  |  Jenni
Thursday  |  10:00-11:00 am  |  Beth
Friday  |  12:15-1:00 pm  |  Jenni
Friday  |  5:30-6:30 pm  |  Paul
Sunday  |  10:00-11:00 am  |  Paul

WRRFC Medium Intensity Zumba
An energetic mix of Latin dance moves designed to get you movin' & burn up those calories

Tuesday  |  10:15-11:15 am  |  Amy
Wednesday  |  6:40-7:40 pm  |  Amy
Friday  |  10:15-11:15 am  |  Amy

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