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Get a Grip

We’ve all heard the term – Get a Grip!  It could apply to everything from keeping our cool when painting around the home to staying focused when we are down a service break in a big tennis match.

Another “Get a Grip” area that is important to your tennis game is on the end of your racket – our tennis grip!  Making this part of your tennis equipment a priority can yield better results and improve your game.  At our club I see many players with tennis grips that are well past their prime!  An old, worn-out grip or overgrip can cause your racquet to slip upon impact with the ball – which can reduce the shot speed and affect the accuracy of your shots.

Your tennis grip options are many.  These include such things as the degree of cushion, tackiness, solid or perforated and many others.  In addition, there are many overgrip products that wrap on top of your regular grip to create a quick boost in tack and grip performance.

You should consider keeping your racquets in a fresh grip and/or overgrip.  Depending on your frequency of play this could be every few weeks to every few months.  You can tell when your grip is past its prime when it is dirty, shiny or loses its color. Regardless of wear, at a minimum I suggest changing your regular grip every 6-12 months if you play with an overgrip (2-3 months if you do not).  If you play with an overgrip, I suggest changing your overgrip after every 10 matches or at about 20 sets.

If you have multiple racquets, I suggest you consider using the same type of grip and/or overgrip on each.  This will provide you with the most consistent play experience and will give you one less variable to deal with on court.

Our pro-shop and tennis professionals are here to help you select the grip and/or overgrip products that work best for you and your game.

Let’s all “Get a Grip” and raise our games!


Doug Wenger, USPTA

Western Reserve Racquet and Fitness Club

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