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John’s Journey

Since joining the Western Reserve Racquet and Fitness Club family, John Zappola has lost 46 pounds as a result of running our track on a regular basis.  Accompanying his successful weight loss, his cholesterol medication and CPAP machine are no longer necessary.  Perhaps the biggest accolade thus far is the remission of John’s type 2 diabetes.  Too often, we focus on treatment instead of prevention and John’s hard work is a testament to that.  Exercise won’t cure everything, but it can combat a large percentage of the ailments that plague mankind.  Exercise on a regular basis not only has huge health benefits but will give you more energy, reduce stress and boost brain power. A huge congratulations goes out to John! We will see you soon around the track.

WRRFC offers over 60 group fitness classes a week, personal training, an indoor track, weight room and more to meet your fitness needs.

Adam Whitlach
Personal Trainer

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