Silver Sneakers

Our Silver Sneakers program and all of the members that attend classes are an integral part of our club membership.  One such member has been attending Silver Sneakers class for three years now.

Dick Schultz was one of the original members at Western Reserve when it opened back in 1971.

Dick had played tennis since 1972 until he was diagnosed with a detached retina.  He had several surgeries on his eyes.  Since he couldn’t come back to tennis, he wasn’t exercising regularly.  Dick’s wife passed in 2006 and he lost his son in 2011.  He came back to the club and decided to at least walk the track.  His friends Chuck and Judy and Lynn Duffy suggested he try a Silver Sneakers class.  He was reluctant at first. He “didn’t want to be with all those old people”.  With encouragement, he decided to try a class and then another and eventually got hooked.  He found a new family at the club.  He made new friends and started regularly attending classes. It became a routine in his weekly schedule.  He dropped his weight from 200 lbs to 170 lbs.   His doctors were thrilled with his declining numbers! Before attending classes Dick mentioned he couldn’t turn his head completely to watch for traffic.  Soon, he found he had complete range of motion and felt safer on the road.

Dick is a retired educator and has always believed in health, wellness and staying active.  He said that Jan Gutowski our S.S. instructor was instrumental in making a very welcoming and safe environment for the senior classes. He is hooked on Silver Sneakers and attends classes 2-3 times a week. Dick will be a young 88 in July.  You can find him at the club with a smile on his face and always a kind word for everyone.

Health plans nationwide are providing health memberships for the Silver Sneakers programs.

Studies have shown that the S.S. program can help lower cholesterol levels, reduce the risk of strokes and heart conditions and improve the quality of life. Strength, balance and flexibility are cornerstones to the senior classes offered. All classes can be modified to fit the needs of the participants. Seniors can also participate in our tennis and pickleball programs for a nominal fee.

Today’s Seniors are more active than ever and studies are proving that quality of life both physically and socially continue to improve.  Join us for a variety of classes designed especially for our Senior population.


Silver Sneakers classes: Monday and Wednesday 10:30-11:30 am, Thursday 11:15 am – 12:00 pm
Senior Zumba: Tuesday and Friday 11:15 am to 12:00 pm
Gentle Yoga: Tuesday and Friday 12:15-1:00 pm


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