Why You Aren’t Seeing Results: Part 3 of 3

Written by Adam Rubin, Personal Trainer
Western Reserve Racquet and Fitness Club


A Lifestyle Change in the Way You Eat Must Happen

The final reason you may not be seeing results, and to me the most obvious reason, is your diet.  A lifestyle change in the way you eat must happen. I can’t sugar coat it. Stop eating without thought, stop crash and fad dieting. Read labels and do your research! Take the time to grocery shop and cook your own meals. I don’t care how healthy the label says it is, if it’s a microwave meal don’t trust it. Eat enough protein because, yes, not only does it help build muscle but it helps with fat loss as well. It is agreed upon that all diet strategies work, but the biggest problem with them is that they are not always easy to comply with. Find something you can be consistent with and stick to it.

I used to err on the side of caution when giving people nutritional guidance. I did not want to introduce radical changes in their eating habits to a point where a client would throw in the towel before he or she even began. But I am tired of easing people in to the subject of diet and weight loss and seeing them fail miserably because I was too flexible and lenient with my recommendations. At the end of the day you’ll either do what’s necessary or you won’t, it’s that simple.

As far as alcohol goes, cut it out for a little while and see what happens. Consumption of alcohol immediately halts fat burning capabilities regardless of how large your calorie deficit is. Are a couple cocktails on a Saturday night going to ruin you? Probably not, but going after it hard, even one day per week will.

With the Transformation Challenge underway, we are teaming up with the registered dietitians at Gemcare Wellness to help everybody find a plan that works for them! I suggest everybody take full advantage of this opportunity! Not only will it help you with your goals throughout the challenge, but the knowledge you will gain along the way will benefit you long after the challenge is over!

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