STRETCH 360 Clinic Coming to WRRFC 6/19

Written by Jordan King
WRRFC Content Specialist


Athletes rejoice! Jump Stretch certified Group Fitness Instructor, Allison Taylor, is bringing her one-time only STRETCH 360 clinic to WRRFC on Wednesday, June 19. From 7:00 – 8:00 pm, Allison will guide the class through a series of full-body, leg, hamstring, and lower & upper back stretches designed to:

  • strengthen joints
  • increase stamina
  • improve range of motion
  • and prevent injury


STRETCH 360 is intended for Tennis & Fitness members who aim to get the most out of their workout.


“When we exert our muscles during a workout, we don’t stretch nearly enough,” explains Allison. “We do all this work for upwards of 45 minutes, but often we only stretch for a minute or two.”


In effect, neglecting to properly stretch before or after physical activity does not just over-exert tight muscles, but also paves the road for injuries to occur, which can in turn cause long-term damage to our bodies.


“So from this one-time clinic, you’ll learn how to stretch effectively, with the big idea being that, afterwards, you’ll be able to do these stretches regularly on your own,” says Allison.Essentially, you’ll pick up the tools to listen to your body; you’ll know what to stretch based on your exercise for that day, and you’ll be able to respond to your body better if and when it does hurt.


The stretches in the clinic will primarily feature the use of Westside Barbell’s signature “Light Band” resistance band. The band brings resistance directly to the muscles to give you better stability, providing not only a great stretch but ultimately great strength training.


In about 20 minutes of stretching, you could increase your range of flexibility by 2 to 4 inches! And with improved flexibility, you’ll see even better results in your workouts.”


So come to the clinic on Wednesday, June 19 and learn some new stretches, take that knowledge home home and apply it on your own, and enjoy the results for the rest of your life!


The clinic is $20 for members and $28 for non-members.

Westside Barbell Light Bands are available as an add-on for just $25--the first 10 people to sign up will receive a Light Band at a discounted rate.

Sign up at the front desk today, and we’ll see you there!

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